5 Easy Care Houseplants

Plants are always a great way to spruce up your new home! Typically needing low-light to thrive, makes houseplants great for brightening up your indoor space. The best part about most houseplants is that they are easy to care for. No need for any extra stress!

easy houseplants

5 Easy Care Houseplants

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Veraplants are spiky looking with green stocks and colorful flowers. These plants do not need direct sunlight and only need water every couple of weeks. Keep them on the dryer side and they will flourish!

Fun Fact! Aloe Vera plants have juice inside them that can help relieve pain from scratches and burns.

2. Pothos Ivy

Pothos Ivyplants can live in bright or low-light spaces. Let the soil dry completely between waterings but give them a lot of water each time. This plant can grow long like typical ivy and spread throughout your space. The bright green color adds a great outdoor feel, without having to be outdoors.

Fun Fact! These plants have heart-shaped leaves to add a little extra sweetness to the plant.

3. Snake Plant

Also known as Sansevieria, these plants truly are an easy-care plant. They do not need much water, only about once a week. The soil needs to drain completely before the next watering and it should never be saturated. It can thrive in light, medium, or bright sunlight making this plant versatile to any living situation. These plants have a little bit of a scaly look to them, like a snake.

Fun Fact! This plant is actually good for your health! It can reduce stress, improve moods and creativity, and removes pollutants from your home.


4. Succulents

Succulentsare some of the easiest plants to grow and keep alive. They are hardy,  low-maintenance, and thrive in dry, indoor areas. They do like a lot of light, so keep them close to a window or even put them outside during the summer months. There are so many succulent plants that you can plant a variety to enjoy different colors and looks. Water them every so often and enjoy!

Fun Fact!Succulents are almost as popular as roses and orchids.

5. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreenis not only easy to grow, but quite beautiful too. The green and silver tinted leaves flourish with little to medium light and water every couple of weeks. The do not even need sunlight, so rooms with smaller windows and overhead lights can be a perfect place for these plants.

Fun Fact! The Chinese Evergreen will last for many years, growing slowly.

All of these plants are great for any new home! They add color and just a touch of beauty and brightness. These houseplants are the best way to decorate and bring some nature inside your home with ease!

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Our customers for this exterior Cape Cod home renovation, wanted a home unlike any other in Harwich. The exterior of the home was outdated, and the existing deck didn't have the space the family needed for entertaining. For a finishing touch, I also built a custom screen door.

After installing the new windows, trim, siding and clapboard, the deck addition to give our customers more space & custom outdoor shower were next. We chose to go with the Timbertech hand rail system, as I find they are the sturdiest, and most reliable composite hand rail system. For added touches of fine-detail, I painted the tops of the deck joists (so when you look through the spacing in the decking you wouldn't see the pressure treated joists), and added LED soffit lighting, so the deck was well lit at nighttime.

This turned out to be a great exterior remodel, that truly encompassed the look and feel the homeowners were going for. I love the style they chose & I know the deck will serve them for years to come for entertaining their friends and family!

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